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We, at SoaringRobotics, are drone enthusiasts. We have been working in the field of robotics for more than a decade and drones for more than 5 years. Lately, our focus has completely shifted to drones.

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India till 2021 had one of the strictest rules in the case of drones. The liberalized rules that were published in 2021 made India a great place for drone innovation and the Indian government wants to make India rightfully the global hub for drone manufacturing and technology.

We truly believe that the Indian government’s step towards liberalizing the drone rules will be a major step toward giving India an edge in drone technology and developing India’s drone market.

The Indian government has further amended the drone laws that it notified in August 2021. The newer amendments have further liberalized the Indian drone laws and given a great deal of push to consumer sentiment thereby boosting public interest in drones and the consumer drone market.

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